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Leading Business Success Coach

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Dr.Chintan Shinde

Our Founder and Leading Business Success Coach, Dr. Chintan Shinde, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team. He is a human potential trainer, life skill coach, professor, and image consultant with a solid background in every aspect of business, including education, fitness, hospital, hotel, and tourism. With more than a decade of corporate experience serving as a training head and almost a decade of experience in training, Dr. Shinde was conferred an Honorary PhD, Doctor of Philosophy. He has worked with various people, including VIPs, VVIPs, CEOs, Advocates, Professionals, Students, Educators, and Doctors.

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Dr.Gautam Jani

Dr. Gautam Jani is a certified personal trainer and successful entrepreneur based in Gujarat, India. He founded FGIIT, an institute focused on providing high-quality education and training for individuals interested in the fitness industry. He is a respected business mentor and coach, helping entrepreneurs and fitness professionals to grow their businesses. His expertise and commitment to his profession have made him a sought-after expert in the field.

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Reasons to Contact with us

  • check unlock secrets of business wealth
  • check learn & design strong fundational activities to win your business
  • check More scale & growth
  • check excelater revenue and cash flow
  • check 360 degree transformation of your business
  • check designed core competencies
  • check customize business models and metrics

What will Transform your Business ?

1.Perfect mindset of running Business

The perfect mindset for running a business involves a combination of persistence, adaptability, creativity, strategic thinking, attention to detail, customer focus, and a willingness to learn from failures and successes.

2.Precise Strategies

The ideal business mindset is one that balances perseverance, agility, innovation, strategy, precision, customer-centricity, and a commitment to learning from both victories and setbacks.

3.Polish Operational Excellence

To polish operational excellence in business, one can focus on improving processes, increasing efficiency, reducing waste, enhancing quality, promoting teamwork, fostering a culture of continuous improvement, utilizing technology, and regularly measuring and analyzing performance metrics.

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Takshak Packages

Sales Super Hero Program

Sales Super Hero Program

Duration:- 1 Month

Sessions Included:- 4 weekly sessions

Included Services :-

  • check Communication skills
  • check Broadcasting
  • check Re-targeting
  • check Sales scripting
  • check Sales automation
  • check Customer FAQ
  • check Negotiations

₹10,000/- + 18%

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₹10,000/- + 18%

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Automation Program

Automation Program

Duration:- 3 Month

Included Services :-

  • check HR Automation
  • check Marketing Automation
  • check Sales Automation
  • check Process Automation
  • check System Automation
  • check Finance Automation
  • check Admin Automation
  • check Operations Automation

₹45,000/- + 18%

Whatsapp Now Inquiry Now

₹45,000/- + 18%

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Business Management Services

At Takshak Management Consultants, we offer a wide range of consulting services to help businesses achieve their goals. Our services include:

What we Provide ?

Business Development Services

At Takshak Management Consultants, we offer a wide range of consulting services to help businesses achieve their goals. Our services include:

Strategic Consulting
Our team of experts can help you develop a strategic plan to achieve your business goals. We can assist you in identifying growth opportunities, improving operational efficiency, and enhancing customer experience.
Operations Consulting
We provide a range of services to help you streamline your operations, reduce costs, and improve productivity. Our consultants can help you with process improvement, supply chain management, and more.
Financial Consulting
Our financial experts can help you optimize your financial resources, manage risks, and maximize profits. We can assist you in financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, and more.
Marketing Consulting
Our marketing consultants can help you develop a marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals. We can assist you in market research, branding, advertising, and more.
Technology Consulting
Our technology experts can help you leverage the latest technologies to improve your business processes and gain a competitive edge. We can assist you in IT strategy development, software selection, implementation, and more.
Legal consultant
provides a wide variety of legal expertise ranging from improve organizations profitability and efficiency, advise solutions for client development strategies, marketing and productivity, consult on legal and program issues to actively manage risks, analyze problems and develop solutions.
Social media consultant
we helps brands and businesses leverage social media and social media strategy in general. It involves planning, developing, and improving a brand's social media presence through digital marketing techniques. In addition, managing crises and budget to align with the brand's objectives.
Sales Consultant
Responsible for developing and maintaining the client base of the organization. also we create sales strategies and techniques to increase the client base and maintain the client interaction records of the company.
Wellness/ Fitness Consultant
helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. we work with individuals, groups, and organizations to design exercise programs & scientific research based diet that meet their specific needs.
growth Marketing Consultant
helps a company achieve sustainable growth with a well-planned and executable business growth strategy. Not only can they achieve increased sales, but they can also increase growth capacities by leveraging their expertise and helping build an infrastructure to support growth.
Career Coaching Consultancy
Advice about training, employment options and career progression to professionals and career changers. also provide guidance to people making decisions about their career.
PR Consultancy
include writing, for example press releases, public speaking, organizing events and more. Public relations consultants handle the public image of a company.
Leadership Consulting
can assess the current state of the organization and provide guidance on how to improve leadership skills within the organization. This may include developing a leadership development plan, providing training for high potentials, or facilitating discussions on leadership principles.
Product Development consulting/ Brand image
committed to helping clients develop products that fit market needs, produce attractive margins, provide platforms for add-on offerings, and enhance the reputation of brands for future business growth. Our work in product development includes developing, defining, and implementing strategies that help clients make lasting improvements to their innovation and business performance.
Design Consultant
function in the fields of interior design, fashion design, or graphic design. They could help clients utilize their living space by creating design plans, selecting color themes and styles, arranging furniture, or fixing lighting and other fixtures.
Compliance consulting
compliance consulting can be defined as expert-driven consulting services aimed at assisting businesses to identify, better manage and mitigate various IT and enterprise compliance risks.

Glimpse of our Project

Nimisha Vaniyawala

As a dietitians, i was suffering for client counselling and time management which is solve by takshak management consultation. Thank you so much for your help

bhaumik vaidya

Nice consulting even though remotely as we are in canada. Very humble behavior of staff.

Dr.Karan Patel

Top consultants listen effectively, perform their due diligence, exude confidence, and continuously deliver on their promises

Diploma in Business Management Course

Topic Be covered in course

Select Best Path For you

Online Classes

Recorded Sessions

  • Enjoy Book Material
  • Case Study Based Project
  • Recorded Lecture Videos
  • Receive Your E-certificate
  • Team Chat Support

₹ 499 /- Including GST

Online Classes

Online Classes

  • 1.5 Month
  • Enjoy Book Material
  • Zoom Classes
  • Case Study Based Project
  • Recorded Sessions Are Included
  • Certified From NSDC

₹ 4,999 /- Including GST

offline Classes

Offline Classes

  • 1.5 Month
  • Enjoy Book Material
  • Offline Classes
  • Case Study Based Project
  • Recorded Sessions Are Included
  • Certified From NSDC

₹ 14,999 /- Including GST

Diploma in Business Management Course

Duration :- 1.5 month

Syllabus :-

  • check Introduction of management
  • check Management Skills
  • check Introduction of Marketing Management
  • check Introduction of Finance Management
  • check Human Resource Management
  • check Organization Behavior
  • check Service Management
  • check Strategic Management
  • check Personality Development
  • check Organization Ethics

Two Mode Available for study

₹ 499/- + 18%

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₹ 4,999/- + 18%

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Government Approved Courses

Our Institute Accreditation

Certificate Logo
Certificate Logo
Our Business Course Spartans

Our Business Course Spartans

Human Resource Agency

HR Agency Consultants

HR Consultants help human resource professionals improve talent recruitment, management, and development processes in the company. Their primary focus is the people who work in the organization and the team culture that binds them together. HR Consultants might specialize in:

Employee wellbeing and satisfaction
Employee wellbeing and satisfaction, for example company perks or relocation support for international talent
Legal HR documentation
Job descriptions are essential for explaining the exact duties of different employees, Organization chart, Staffing plan, Employee handbook, Compliance documents, Performance metrics and documents,Time and attendance policy and Exit documents.
Company culture
Company culture, defining key values and principles that team members share and embody
Recruitment and its main areas, such as talent pipeline management, interview processes, or remote talent management
Employer branding
Employer branding as a cross-functional area shared with marketing consultancy
Training & development programme
Training and development initiatives are educational activities within an organization that are designed to improve the job performance of an individual or group.
HR Agency
Students Victory of Placement

Students Victory of Placement

Latest Blog

Latest Blog

HR Agency

Understanding the 7 P's of Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide

Marketing is the process of creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. It is a broad discipline that encompasses a wide range of activities, from product development to market research to sales and customer service.

HR Agency
10 Effective Business Strategies

Understanding Business Taxes: A Comprehensive Guide to Different Types of Taxes

As a business owner, having a comprehensive understanding of the various types of taxes that may apply to your enterprise is crucial. Taxes play a pivotal role in the functioning of a country's economy and are an essential part of running a business. This comprehensive guide aims to provide insights into the different types of taxes that businesses encounter, shedding light on how they work and their impact on businesses.

10 Effective Business Strategies

Enhancing Skills and Professional Development: A Comprehensive Approach

n today's rapidly changing professional world, the significance of continuous skill enhancement and professional development cannot be overstated. To thrive in this environment, organisations must prioritise the growth and development of their employees, giving them a competitive advantage. This blog post will examine the essential components of a comprehensive skill enhancement and professional development program.

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